New arrival

I know I have been through worse than composing an introductory post on a forum, but I can’t at the moment recall any experience more unpleasant.

Recent sz dx, but 30+y of “mental health issues.” On and off medications, in and out of professional care for about three decades.

I’m not particularly social but personal preference sometimes must give way to health needs. I have learned, perhaps the hard way, social interaction is as important to overall health and stability as food, sleep, and recreation.

My schizophrenic symptoms are of the “disorganized” variety, and I know I am fortunate to not be plagued by paranoia. There are no local support groups in my area for schizophrenics, or even a more general “mental health” group - only support groups for family members (a rant for another time). So here we are.

I guess being hospitalized was more unpleasant than composing this. But only by a little.

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Welcome to the site!

Welcome Apyx! Hope you find the support you’re looking for here. :wink:

Ditto for me. I often think I would have so much more time to do things if I lived on my own in public housing instead of having to go to day treatment at the assisted living center where I live. Right! I don’t use the time I have. I like to think I don’t need anyone, but I do need at least some human interaction. I don’t even have to talk to the people. Just being around them helps keep me sane.

Welcome :smile:

Thanks for your replies. So much reading here to do.

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Hi Apyx welcome :smile: