Social Anxiety in Schizophrenia: An Overlooked Problem



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Less of the sarcy comments please. The main thrust of the article is that it is still an overlooked problem. This was very much the case when I was dxed with schizophrenia and schizoaffective between 1975-2005. There was no support for it all. It’s one thing to accept something occurs it’s another then to actually acknowledge it enough to provide help and support for it.


It just all seems like a no-brainer to me.

I don’t think you’ll find many schizophrenics leading Marching Bands down Main Street anytime soon.


I think that most schizophrenics suffer with some form of social anxiety.
It comes with the territory.


We need studies even for obvious things, because concrete scientific evidence is how we get insurance to cover treatments. The people in charge of writing checks want proof that the money is going to necessary expenses. This is why some studies seem like no brainers, but still need to be done.


You’re outta control Patty…

Toeing the line…



Social anxiety is a problem almost everywhere these days. I swear that smartphones are robbing younger folk of interaction skills.


Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Also social phobia in both sexes and loneliness in females make smartphone users more prone to an addictive usage of smartphones.


My therapist reckons I have social anxiety so I’m reading
Overcoming social anxiety and shyness by Gillian Butler


I was always introverted and a little shy. I wonder though whether it would have ramped up into social anxiety if I had had healthy peer relationships as a young teenager.


With the risk of repeating myself again. Meditation/yoga/exercise/breathing exercises /praying/walking/nature. One of these things will relive us of anxiety.

You can notice I have more solutions because we’re different people.

I’ve tried almost all and the only thing that worked for me is meditation.

But for the rest might be praying or walking or exercise or whatever.

Just try something. You will be better


I don’t have social anxiety. When I was a child I did, but that is a long time ago. At some point, in my late teenage years, the pressure and stress got to be so much that my mind just shut off and stopped feeling any anxiety. It was probably a survival mechanism. I make zero attempt to come across normal or talk to people.


im socially anxious…


Meditation (with the risk of repeating myself again) decreased my anxiety more then benzos.

I’ve never been more sharp and focused. Social anxiety disappeared in the firsts couple of days of meditating 10-30 m a day

Damn I feel like that’s only what I talk about these days


When my kid first started in 4-H, it wasn’t as much of a problem to get kids to do the public speaking component and it was an expectation that everyone would take part in the competitions. Nowadays, so few kids take part in the competitions (because of anxiety) that my daughter didn’t actually have anyone to compete against at the club level or at the district level and automatically got gold (she called them participation trophies). This has been the case for the past two years. Too many 4-H members opt to just present to their club without having to compete so they can avoid the stress. And because they don’t have to compete, their speeches and presentations absolutely suck.

I think the most telling thing is when you see a group of kids together and they’re not talking to each other at all, but just on their phones. You can watch them for fifteen minutes and see almost no interaction. I’ve personally never been wonderful at socializing, but even I’m not that bad unless I’m doing it on purpose to hack off my wife’s absolutey wretched relatives who refuse to do the right thing and die already.


I read at church

imagine hundreds of people there looking at me

I was always nervous

but it prepared me for poetry readings

even late into my youth I was still passing out in church

I worried totally dissolving into incredibility.


I was such a loner in my school years, extremely shy and very sensitive. I thought people didn’t like me. I am at uni now and I have made tons of great friends and go out often, a few them know I have this. I stil can’t do public speaking to save my life :stuck_out_tongue:


I couldn’t at one time, but it’s a learned skill. Just need to go for it.


Just bumped into this video. Interesting and possibly relevant to the discussion of anxiety in general: