So....who else doesn't feel human

It drives me insane. It’s like this nagging thought I’ve had at the back of my head since I was like 5. I don’t feel like I belong here. I don’t feel like I’m actually a human, more like I’m trapped in a human body.

My opinion over what exactly I am has changed many times over my life…currently I have this strong feeling that I am an entity from the nonphysical plane. But WHY would I be brought to the physical and trapped in a human form?? All I can find are more and more questions. I feel like my memory returns to me at an achingly slow pace as life progresses. In my dreams I return to the nonphysical and there I am free and live as I was…only to be brought back here every morning…why, why, why.


I went through a period where I felt that way. I still believe there is a non-physical realm which connects us all called Collective Consciousness. I thought I was more from that realm than this one and that I had even died and come back. I don’t know if you are on medication but it helps a lot. Therapy does too. I also thought I was an Alien for awhile as well. I have definitely felt like my human body was kind of secondary. Hope you begin to feel more connected.

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How long have you had sz, probably since childhood, right? I think it might be a side effect from the meds, after all they are a buffer between you and your uncontrollable emotions as a result of the illness. I don’t think the issue is a lack of medication.

I disagree. The issue here is definitely lack of medication.


My emotions have been returning the last few years. (What a rides that’s been). You where posting if it’s time to leave therapy last week. 1. you need to be feeling like a human being which is a good sign the therapy is working/worked. Meds and therapy go hand in hand.

bah I was day dreaming of the possibilities of en-weaving artificial neural nets over my neural nets… … artificial cells compatible with mine… so that I might gracefully start using them instead and not notice when the last of mine start dying off… complete the transformation to machine.

hah you’re a human… genetically speaking at least… I don’t believe there is much more than that to this…

but if you don’t want to be up-there-on-high by yourself miss lonesome… you can consider me inhuman if you please.

Get back to studying your science!

Maybe I can give you a somewhat satisfactory answer? Look at the way the world is. It needs healers/healing. If you felt like you’ve been brought here then its the Earth’s way of saying, “help me out!”. She brought us into being for help.

Honestly, I share some similar feelings at times. I would share some other thoughts but they would probably be considered too delusional, but they are the only thoughts I hold on to anymore.

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It’s a different dynamic with me, but there are times when I feel like I have been dehumanized by the symptoms of my sz.

Sorry Anna,
Alien stuff is a pretty specific delusion -
Sorry you’re feeling like this

I can remember when I thought that I might be an angle then it became obvious later on that I had demons (fallen angels) living inside of me and that I was not these spirits but human I am possessed.

Derealization or feeling like you don’t exist often happens with drug use. Since sz keys up our neurotransmitter it is essentially a naturally occuring trip when you become psychotic. The meds can also lead to you feeling a bit like you are in a psychological padded room, that’s what they are basically cushioning for your thoughts.

A guy on youtube was talking about how the serotonin modulator Trintellix helped him with derealization. Maybe consider talking to your pdoc about trying a trial of this drug.

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