So tired of the "Karen is a *****" meme

I have a wonderful cousin whose name is Karen!
And I agree…really sick of the memes. Hopefully they end soon. Eventually they will. Don’t hate your name. It is a great name!

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Your name is a nice one.
I knew a couple of Karen’s during my lifetime and they were wonderful people!

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As someone who’s name has been the subject of memes, I can attest to the jokes. It instantly attempts to personify into some form of comic.

Solidarity! You aren’t alone.

Could always change it, I’ve thought about it.

@Ooorgle my mom would kill me if I changed my name
@Wave. Thanks
@FatMama thanks
@mrhappy. The stereotype is awful
@rocket she’s lucky I guess lol

Thanks guys… I was crying so bad I got a shake and tots from sonic… I feel better now thanks y’all




First time ive heard of a “karen meme” is this a US thing lol.

I had to google it. :slight_smile:

Sounds a bit childish if you ask me.


The Karen meme idea is dumb.


I knew this would happen. A nice young girl named karen would get her feelings hurt from the meme. Innocents in the crossfire.

I know a very nice karen in my life. I haven’t asked her how she feels about it. This too shall pass.

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I have met many Karens who were extremely kind and generous. Not sure why the name turned into a meme.

I’m sorry you were feeling hurt.

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