So saw the surgeon today

My hernia surgery follow up appointment 2 months later and it took all but 60 seconds the appointment he said it was healing great and to call him if I had any troubles. For the first month would’ve bet my jeans in 0 degrees weather that I’d have to get surgery again. But nope. Looking good he said :+1:


That’s awesome news :blush:

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I had hernia repair surgery. It went great.

Well about four days after the surgery, I had like this ridge in my groin. I had to be reassured by the surgeon that that was Okay. His bedside manners were not nice, unfortunately! But I’ve done a good thing!


Did u have to take narcotic pain pills?? Because I got away with this novacaine and Tylenol. Was offered Percocet turned it down can’t take it anyways as my medication naltrexone blocks its effects and you just risk taking too much and overdosing if you’re unwise. But fortunately caught the hernia pretty early…didn’t even need mesh!!!

They chose to give me mesh. But it was years ago, and I don’t recall what we did for pain.

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When I was 14 and I’m 28 now. So every 14 years…I’ve had a hernia. Used the same doctor both times. First time mesh and codeine. So much pain didn’t take pills back then but they gave me liquid codeine. My mom didn’t wanna give me it and I woke up in the middle of the night writhing in the worst pain of my life.

This time was much easier. I asked him why every 14 years. he said it doesn’t seem fair and he’ll be retired in 14 years so if I get another one then, I must seek a new surgeon. Well it was so much better technology this time then last time. So much easier so mustn’t be too bad 14 years from now.

Really nice :+1: Doctor. His daughter is in my graduating class in hs I kinda had a crush on her freshman year she’s cute and nice.

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I think the surgeon said to me that if I had one hernia, I was likely to have another one. I am now more likely to have another than someone who never had one.

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