Get out! Get out!

I’m done with him. I’ll take poverty and homelessness.

Are you okay @Daze?

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Yeah, doing like get outta my face sort of stuff.

I think we’ll split.

You and Phil you mean?

yeah, it’s bad news, sorry.

He will blame me for being schizophrenic, and way off.

totally wrong. I’m never that off. He’s the one who comes after me.

Wow sorry you’re having to go through this. He doesn’t sound like a very understanding kind of guy.

Sorry you are going through stuff. Only advice I can offer from experience is to just focus on the solution to the situation and try to not get sidetracked by emotions and drama. I hope everything works out for you.

yeah, I’m sorry to put you guys through my drama

I have a tendency to do that

I don’t know what’s going to happen yet

if he does get out, it will be a major part of the house and my life is gone

that’s hard to imagine right now, but I’m sure I’d get used to it.

I don’t mean to blame him for all of this, my reactions to the way he talks to me are not always right or good

it’s like I want to hurt him back, or something, for instance he hates it when call him a son0f a b=itch, even though he acts like it many times.

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I’m dealing with an issue, too trying not to think on it…

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maybe he is hard on you because he is trying to help you, some people talk of tough love,

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his last girlfriend said he was a narcassist

that’s what he told me.

idk what that means daze lol

it’s used too often in my opinion

I’ve never liked that he never asks me questions

I’m always prying into him about his life

everything is Right Now! living in the moment.

I’m so sorry, @Daze. Why do you say you’ll take poverty and homelessness?

If you are married, then you might have some rights.

he’s making the money, and I’ve got house and car to pay

but that’s not the main reason, he’s buying us food all the time

and I don’t do that.

I’m sorry. I think you don’t deserve this.

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I’ll probably end up taking care of him, @Katherine85

he’s got leaky heart valve

I hope we’ll find the money.

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