I fractured my leg

I finally made it to the doctor after can’t walk at all to get there

I lied to them, and said I tripped over my rug, but we were fighting.

They want me in at ORA on Monday to proceed, will be a lengthy process.

I’m staying off of it. I knew, I just knew, and Phil said I was a cry baby.

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@Daze I missed your presence. Who were you fighting? Did they break your leg?

Was it an accident? or did this person deliberately break your leg?

No, I fell trying to get away from Phil.

I take high dose generic Prilosec, think that might have been something to do it,

that, and going thru menopause.

I need to go sit in my recliner, thanks for responses. Gone for now.

The pain has been terrible.

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Stay safe @Daze.
You’ve been missed on here.

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Wishing you a quick, safe recovery @Daze!

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:
I hope you’re getting help for it now, at least.

How long have you been walking on a fractured leg? :worried:

I hope your leg heals quickly.

That’s too bad @Daze. I really feel for you.

Man, this Phil person is living rent-free in your house and being abusive. Ain’t right.

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If Phil was doing something that evoked your fight or flight response, then he is responsible for your injury. Are you somewhere safe, at least?

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I’m so sorry, @Daze. You deserve better than Phil

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Thanks for your responses.

This coming Monday it will be 3 weeks since I fell,
and I knew it, I just knew it, that it was something serious

as I’ve sprained my ankle many times in my life, but this pain has been different,

I guess I was just thinking it was getting better though, plus I couldn’t even make it
to the kitchen, let alone down my split foyer stairs.
We’ll see what they say on Monday.

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