So now we are trying lithium

Partial hospitalization ended today for me. The pdoc there started me on lithium 300mg at night for starters.she thinks that it will help me with my depression. SZA but not bipolar. Anyone else on this mysterious salt?

Is that in addition to Haldol, or replacing it?

Lithium will dry you out and can make you gain weight. I used to ahem uh see someone on it.

The lithium is in addition to the Haldol and Wellbutrin .

I Was On Lithium A Few Years Ago …

It Seemed To Me As A Placebo … ,

I Didn’t Gain Muchos Weight But e(Y)e Also Stopped Taking It Middle Throo … ,

Keep Your e(Y)e’s Out For N E Thing Negatively Unusual on Your Body and Ask For INVEGA … ,

So Far Invega Is Tha Best Med Out There … ,

Jus In My Personal Philosophy …

Invega was a bad one for me don’t want to take that stuff again.

Haldol For Me Is A Living Breathing Nightmare … ,

Does It Naught Rattle Your Nervous System All Tha Way To Tha Marrow Of Your Bones (???)

No, actually it makes me feel like I can function. Fantastic for my anxiety and voices.

Oh , Well Alright …

: )

Can I Post A V(Y)D In Your Thread (???)

A video about what?

It is so weird how the same drug can affect people totally differently. When I was on Depakote, I went totally delusional and had mad visual hallucinations. At one point I thought I was in India and speaking another language. My friend later told me I was in New Hampshire and I lit a trash can on fire. I thought I was speaking another language. I have faint fuzzy flashes of memories from that time.

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A Possible Explanation Of Marrow Nervous System Shaking To Perhaps Prevent Suicidal Actions … ,

Lurkers and Such …

I personally think it’s way off topic.

Is That A Yes OR No (???)

When I took Lithium, they had not yet added the diagnosis schizoaffective.

I took Lithium for year with no bad results. Except one hot sunny day hitchhiking across New Jersey, I suddenly got wicked thirsty and had to find something to drink.