So nice to be able to open the windows!

It is in the 70s today for the first time this year here. Planning on an evening walk after dinner. SO nice to be able to open the windows really cheer s me up. desimb


I like opening the windows too. It’s good for your health - physical and mental. Unless the lawnmower’s going by or they have sprayed for something outside. I like it too, because the birdsong comes in.

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Seattle is going through a window open day too. The Crocus, the Iris and the Daffodil bulbs we planted are finally peeking through. It’s nice to see new growth happening on the rose bushes too.

I really love spring this year. :rose: :hibiscus: :sunflower: :cherry_blossom: :herb: :tulip: :bouquet: :blossom: :deciduous_tree:

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yes, open windows and birds singing. A real joy after a difficult winter.

Nice weather here too.I took a walk and a drive. Got a milkshake. And got tired! I took my fan out of storage. It’s been in the high sixties and low seventies most of winter. Very little rain. We are probably going to have a drought this summer.

It’s beautiful here in Atlanta too, except we can’t open our windows for another week or so because of all the darn pollen. Everything outside turns yellow this time of year.

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I was wondering, what is your favorite type of milkshake? I like blackberry, and mocha milkshakes.

It is almost milkshake weather.

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I like chocolate malts - from my childhood. About twice in a summer my mother would get hungry for a milkshake. And start campaigning in the car for one. And my father - who never stopped to buy anything finally gave in. Everyone was happy, besides him.