I like springtime

Seriously it’s wonderful. I’ve had a great day today. I slept in, then got to go hang out with my goat all day (I gave her a sweet haircut hahaha) then I came back, ate a big yummy meal and I’ve been studying for my chemistry exam next week since.

I think if there’s anything good that’s come out of my disorders is that when I’m happy, I get doubly happy because I realize that I’m actually happy and that makes me excited. I don’t ever take happiness for granted. Gotta look on the bright side!! Hope everyone else is enjoying lovely spring weather as well! :sun_with_face: :sunflower:


I like it when it rains during spring it smells clean and the new sprouts add something else.

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Ya spring is nice. nice flowers and hiking. Nothing beats fall, except the fact that I know winter is coming :|. at least spring i know its gonna be warm for another 6 months or so

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I have to agree with you. Spring weather is lovely. Fall weather isn’t as good, but it’s still nice, and during Fall we have the American football season. Also, it’s the holiday season - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. After Christmas I get a letdown, though, because then we have to face the cold months of winter. I can’t decide which I like better - Spring or Fall.

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You’re such a beautiful adorable soul @anna


Hahaha flattery will get you nowhere :wink:

I’m just me


Flattery will get you everywhere with me, lol. I had a horrible drive on the freeway to go to my sisters house. But I survived and maybe learned something. But it’s beautiful sunny California day today. I wish it didn’t feel like me against everyone else. But I made $15.00 walking my sisters dog!

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I like walking my dog…very relaxing! Even better when you’re making money lol.

California weather is perfect. I wouldn’t mind living there someday if it weren’t so expensive!

Yeah, I’m in Section 8 housing. My place normally rents for about $1500.00 a month but I’m only paying $600.00 a month. it’s been nice weather this winter but unfortunately we’re in the middle of a four year drought.