So my mom is RH Negative blood type

@anon40540444 if you wanna get really scared, Google search that.

I don’t know, freaky weird sh-it.

Alien blood? 15

I guess. I can’t remember all of it, long lineage to religion too, and certain royalty.

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I’m rh negative. Had to have shots with 5 of my kids. One had my blood type so no shot of they were born.

15% of the population have it.

I’m on a Facebook group. No one has told me what mine is.
I should ask next time.

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I suspect I could have it. Or I may be AB+ but I have no idea. I also cant find out my blood type or it seems harder for me. My parents have a different blood type than my brother who is type 0 negative or positive. That’s what he told me. So its crazy right? Like we can have different blood types than is supposedly possible through heredity. Dont know that much about it though. I have read RH is royalty blood though thats cool.

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My sister is ab + I dunno what I am though.i dont think we have any negatives in the family but who knows I’m the only one with psychosis in my family so ?

I doubt blood type has anything to do with mental illness. I wouldn’t stress over it.

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