So many people with schizophrenia don't work


Circumstance combined with the negative symptoms to end my work days. I never was able to drive and I became afraid that as my Mother aged I would not be able to work any more because she was my main transportation. I also was fearful that she would die and I would be trapped at her house with no realistic way to survive due to the costs of the house which I would not be able to afford (I worried about the electricity being cut off in a city where it can reach below zero in the winter and over 100 in the Summer (F) and the city’s taxes for the house) and the dubious transportation options. (public transportation is worse in the “better” part of town) So I moved to an apartment and had a relapse. Then I got more immersed in the Welfare system out of necessity and realized the transportation system wasn’t much better. Taking a lot more meds also contributed as I weigh over 310 and have trouble doing the limited work related things I did before. My negative symptoms made me more afraid to try to work but the obstacles to doing so are enormous now.


I don’t work yet but I’m planning on working part time at like a fast food place or a coffee shop but that’ll be a while from now like maybe November right now I’m on disability that’s how I buy what I want and need


Hopefully ITI-007 will come out soon…


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“If ITI-007 gains FDA approval, analysts anticipate that it will be launched in the U.S. in the first half of 2018.”


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It seems like I always get overwhelmed any time I try to work. I end up getting fired.


I’m doing better these days so I might be doing a little work, but I have another disability too, Hidradenitis.


i couldn’t work in a million years becasuse of sz…Id love to be fit enough tow work…id love even more to not have sz, then I would be able to work…

id like a stress free job, such as the mini truck that goes round collecting rubbish from the public bins

I used to work as a security guard but I would be too spooked to do it again because of sz


@anon20318121…what business do you run, just curious!


I had steady work all throughout my later teens. The longest I lasted after I got sick is 6 months.

I can’t work right now because by positives are really bad when I’m around people, but I do enjoy working so I’m going to try to work from home as a Bookkeeper. Currently, I am enrolled in some classes for that.

Depending on the job description, Bookkeeping can be low stress, especially if its part-time.


I couldn’t do much of anything never mind work on my old med, lucky i even got outside,

now on a better med i can do more things, i can work on myself more, try and extend my boundaries and do more things,

i’m hoping to get a little job soon too :slight_smile:


I have worked for about 25 years up until my diagnosis. I worked whilst being heavily psychotic.

I just couldn’t handle the negatives anymore and the positive symptoms drove my coworkers “crazy”. I have not not been working the last 8 years mainly because of cognitive issues and negative symptoms as well as positive symptoms that plague me from time to time. I try to do small stuff around the house each day.


I work part time. Was trying to work full time but I lost my job when I accepted this part time gig. I am out of town working full time for the next 34 days. When it is over I don’t have to come back until October.

I still get SSDI. I am on my 7th month of my trial work period.

I also worked the first 6 years of my illness with positive and negative symptoms. Now I mostly suffer with the negatives.

I am trying to find a full time job and get off of SSDI but so far I haven’t found another one. I am being considered for 2 right now though but ones only a 6 month gig so I don’t know if I would actually take it and risk losing my SSDI to be unemployed in 6 months and not have my benefits.


I don’t work bc I’m afraid of people killing me. That’s why I really don’t go out of the house. One job I was at I thought a woman’s arm was going to kill me. Another job I thought men were coming there to kill me. I just can’t handle being around people. And I’m medicated but still scared.


Being a janitor is so stressful you get so disgusting through the day i hated it so much I felt nasty all the time


I know must szphrenic cant work either its a very low stress job…!! They need love and support… holy cow…!!!


Also the repetitive nature of washing up stresses me out cos it’s so boring as a job plus with my short attention span. Seriously I don’t know if I could manage that. I believe I can hopefully get back into work that I actually like that’s important but I just need to develop my confidence first with volunteering where there is no pressure on me


Custodians at schools make good money. I wouldn’t mind being a custodian at a university. I would get benefits and stuff.

What about a groundskeeper? They make more.


If you’re extremely smart or a genius, a mathematician would be low stress and a great, high paying job. I am not that smart. But I know there’s a few on here that could do it :smiley: