So many people with schizophrenia don't work


I don’t work because my concentration and memory are very poor. I wish I could though. I’d love to make more money than I am getting now. I just know what I can and can’t do & working is something I just can’t right now. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to.


What about something like washing dishes or becoming a janitor.

Very low stress jobs


I have to take things in baby steps, and do trial n error… So I am starting with voluntary work soon as this is the least stressful n then see how it goes.


I couldn’t handle even that. My mind would be all over the place. Sad to say. :pensive:


I can’t concentrate, I’m slow, I need to sleep 12 hours and I can’t deal with the stress and the hours of a real job.

At the moment I help my grandmother but I’ll try to do an easy job (part-time baker, janitor, gas station…) in the future. :slight_smile:


Yes don’t stop believing u can do it man


yes I believe I can do an easy job but never a normal one. :slight_smile:


There’s loads of easy jobs to do dude.

A janitor is the perfect one cause u don’t see people really.


Yes janitor is a dream job… :slight_smile:


Up until pretty recently none of the meds helped the auditory hallucinations at all. At least except one that gave me twitching and an inability to stand still.

Not to mention, the meds that I were on were heavily sedating.

Now that I have a large reduction in the voices my plan with my case worker is to try volunteering once the support group I’m in is over.

From there maybe I try being a clerk. Except most places don’t let you just be a clerk. You have to do the physical stuff too. Which would be fine if I didn’t have somewhat serious back problems.

It’s possible I find I still can’t work. That would suck.


Those people can no longer work. They must search for meaning. Perhaps volunteer work … It also depends on the extent to which you suffer from it. Some are able to hold a normal job. But most do not.


I cant due to severe negative and cognitive symptoms. . Holy cow…

I even tried low stress job… but they fired me off the job…!!! Haha people around me
Motivates me to work. Sad but true i cant work even in part time…


I must say I’m truly blessed to be able to work and have schizophrenia.

I have my own business and really enjoy working.

I have problems with people as my social skills are not that good but I just do the best I can.

I am truly grateful


nice busy man. keep it up!


Some have it worse than others. I drink energy drinks and smoke cigarettes. Some people have addictions. I’m afraid to work. I could probably get a basic job but I don’t know if I could last. Right now, I’m an unpaid caregiver. I’m stuck.

I’ve had several jobs from parallel universes that I remember. I believe I suffered from insanity. Maybe not in this life, but in my past lives. I remember putting a drill to my head like in the movie pi in a past life.

I’ve been experimented on and been abducted by aliens. Ive time travelled. Ive been under mind control. Ive had memories of being killed and tortured.

I have high standards and goals. Ive been a doctor before, a banker, a scientist, etc.

I had low paying jobs before etc. I just want to be happy.

My goal in this life is to read the bible and get a BA in math. As a time traveler, I know religion is incorrect, but I still try to be a Christian. I swear I met Jesus before and he was working with aliens and he sent me into a wormhole. I was in my garage.

I believe the aliens can put people in time loops. As a form of punishment. Stephen Hawking also talked about this in his book.

I’ve been alive during alien invasions and even ww3.


Are you taking your meds?


Yes. I’m stable.


Stable but you are talking about strange things…


Sorry @far_cry0. I do find that I have some difficulty focusing on one thing sometimes. I think in the US we mostly have to work 2-3 hours at a time, then a 15 minute break. I’m not sure the businesses are legally required to give you any break though, in my state. I hope you can find fun and meaningful stuff to do, bro. Do I recall correctly that you live in Nepal? I’ve seen some very beautiful pictures.


Damn my man that sounds hectic