So many ideas

Feeling like I should constantly be working on something or learning something new lately. Like an overwhelming desire to be achieving anything.
Flooded with ideas and not quite sure how to formulate them but can’t seem to stick to just one. I’ve stopped my medication temporarily (dr’s direction) and it’s almost like something has ‘turned back on’.
Not sure why I started a topic on this… anyone ever get like this?

Ive been like that my entire life. Always needing something to accomplish or need to be working toward bettering myself somehow or learning. Recently found out that my therepist says i have ocd to a dangerous level most likely. I always knew i could be a little obsessive, just thought i was a perfectionist and needed things to keep me occupied. It has made realize how many thing i do that as unhealthy compulsions. Not sure if this fits in that category or not, will be addressed in next weeks tdoc session. But you could also be a little manic. Do you have a mood disorder @doojay ?

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It almost seems harmless or even a positive thing to want to be moving forward but when it becomes overwhelming it’s not so great. That’s so interesting! If you don’t mind me using that word. OCD seems to have so many forms.
No mood disorder as far as I’m aware, although when I was first diagnosed for Schizophrenia it was left untreated for a year as ‘drug induced psychosis’ that was supposed to go away, so maybe I should look into it. Maybe this is just elation though.