Psychosis - Difficulty coming up with thoughts and ideas

Hello everyone,

We all know about the common positive symptoms of psychosis/schizophrenia, but since I have had psychosis, I have been having great difficulty coming up with thoughts and ideas. I can not hold a basic conversation with somebody because I am unable to come up with anything to talk about and to have a natural spontaneous talk. This also effects my ability to write in the same way. I just can’t express myself verbally or in writing like I used to. My ability to generate ideas at work is zero, I have been one of the most creative people pre-psychosis in my circles, and now it’s like my mind is completely blank all the time. I noticed that not a lot of people discussed this, Is this not a common thing you guys experience? If you have experienced this, has it gone away on its own? Have you tried anything that helped you get rid of this problem?

I would really appreciate your help with this guys, this out of anything else has been driving me crazy and has had a major effect on every aspect of my life.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,


What you describe looks a lot like poverty of thought, which is a negative symptom of schizophrenia - I have it too - and sadly there’s no proven remedy.
But in some fortunate cases, it can also be a side effect from the meds, what are taking for your illness and what dosage ??

I never know what to say…ever. I find myself watching other people talk to each other and I always wonder what they’re saying. How do they do it?
In regards to creativity, I find that the more I’m exposed to things that I love, and also other people’s creativity, the more creative I am. Inspiration.
Getting yourself into situations and places that inspire you may help.

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@healthyliving24, i had this bad for about a year after psychosis and every year it improves more and more. I can talk to whomever i want now and think freely.

I’ve had something similar to “poverty of thought” for a few months. I think it is part of the psychosis hangover, perhaps, or maybe some evidence of damage. The old thought process is just not as active or as interesting as it was.

It is inability to show initiative in anything I do. It just came along after my brain was fried in psychosis. Nowadays I set myself very small tasks and that is the nearest I can get to initiative. I was also one of the most creative guys in my work setup but I lost it all. Became almost zombified.

Thanks for your reply. I had this before I started taking any medications, so I definitely think that the medications have nothing to do with it. I am on Invega Sustena 75mg that I take through muscle injection every month. And I am also on Olanzipene 5mg every night. For this problem I described, the doctor said that I could be low on dopamine in my frontal lobe, so he first prescribed Wellbutrin XL to see if I could benefit from it. I tried it for a month, and no noticeable improvements I noticed. He then prescribed a stronger drug called Ritalin, commonly used for ADHD, and so far, I have not noticed any improvements but I will give it a few more days before I make a conclusive judgement.

For poverty of thought comment, I don’t know if this is so. I don’t have any other negative symptom such as avolition or emotional flatness or anything. I think with poverty of thought, you usually give brief and short replies to questions that you may be asked. With me, I just struggle to come up with things to talk about. It’s hard to describe, but if you’ve experienced it, you’ll have a good idea of what I am talking about. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

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You are welcome. I think @eduvigis could relate to your problem too. His only negative symptom is lack of spontaneity in conversation…

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Interesting. Did you at that time when you had this find difficulty in coming up with ideas as well?

Yes @Andrey I used to think my only negative symptom was that but I still have most of the other negative symptoms at a very low severity. I think the other negative symptom I have issues with is a mild lack of interest and difficulty getting involved in things. I cycle in an out of negative symptoms, for example last year my motivation was great, just as good as it was pre-schizophrenia, but my alogia was much more severe. This year my motivation is somewhat worse but alogia is less of an issue. Still the lack of spontaneity/speech production is my defining negativesymptom, it never goes away.


I literally was having trouble forming any thought. It made me want to cry but i couldnt even do that… itll get better.

Stay positive, even if youre faking it. Because if you continue to be positive even though faking it, it will start to become habit and then before you know it you really wont be faking it!


How long ago was your psychosis? I felt like I was stuck in a cloud for months after coming out of mine. I had the problems with thought that you describe. I’m only just beginning to be able to think again and it’s still nowhere near what I used to be able to think like. I like the ‘psychosis hangover’ analogy. That’s what it has felt like.

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Pre psychosis my mind was capable of deep abstract thoughts and ideas…i used to love my thoughts and ideas and just generally being my 100 percent homeostasis sadly now my thoughts are jumbled and messy if that makes sense it’s a horrible symptom of this illness. So no not uncommon at all…SZ is deff a robber of personality.


I find the lack of feeling more disturbing. Saying that, I’m not really able to feel disturbed either. It’s just the ongoing dullness, the inability to feel anything deeply at all, that would be tragic if I could only feel what I’ve lost! This is the worst part of the psychosis hangover for me, that nothing seems to matter much, and things are supposed to matter!