So irritated by lack of energy and motivation!

I’ve been on the haldol injection for about 5 months now. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it so I put it out there. I’m so very frustrated with the lack of energy I have to force myself to work out and some days I don’t even do it! I’ve been trapped at home cause I lost my license last year so they impounded my car in December and then I got it back but of course I have no license so I can’t drive anywhere! I have two boys and they get so bored sometimes and I feel so bad but even if I did have my license we couldn’t go anywhere cause I’m so afraid of being in public! They’re somewhat lucky though- their grandma lives next door she takes my oldest to school and she also takes them on outings like Disneyland, universal studios, etc. but I still feel so bad that I can’t even take them for walks or outside in the yard and now it’s getting hot so they won’t even want to. I want them to remember their childhoods fondly. Unlike mine. I lost my Dad when I was 7 and I do have good memories especially of him but there’s a gaping hole in my childhood it was like it ended after he died. Anyway, I want my kids and myself to be happy. So, what do you guys think? I was thinking I Should I try an anti-depressant? I don’t feel depressed completely just extremely lazy. It’s very frustrating as I said. Help!

I am just wondering if this is a negative mI. My son still has problems with his lack of motivation. What does your doctor say?

I feel sorry; I remember that Haldol was my first anti-psychotic I have taken so its side effects were horrible. One of them was lack energy and motivation. I remember that my doctor perceive the effects of Haldol on me that he changes the medicine. Other thing is that I am very sensible with the anti-psycotics.
In my opinion, you have the advantage of changing from Haldol to other new anti-psychotic medicine. Nowadays, there are several news anti-psychotics that you can try.
Cheer up!!