So I yeeted the hell outta there

The guy I’ve been living with took my cards and refused to give them back before emptying my accounts, and telling me to take all my stuff with me and not come back as I was leaving for a holiday.
My mother has agreed to help set me up with another place to stay on the condition that I have zero contact with him.

He’s been tightening his control of me for the past few months and punishing me harder and harder for less and less things, including severely limiting my contact with the outside world.

I’m done.

I’mma yeet the hell outta there.


thats so sad, im sorry your dealing with such immaturity and aggressiveness

I was in an abusive marriage for 15 years. Leaving is absolutely the best thing you can do. Your life will be so much happier without him

I’m not being nasty @Pikasaur, but it took you far too long to realise that.


Yeet and don’t look back! That sounds awful, honestly.

He sounds like an abuser. I’m glad you got away. I hope your new life will bring you joy in your freedom.

Hey zombie! Long time no see! :smiley: How are you dude?


Hey! :wave: Not too hot, tbh. Psychosis has gotten waaaay worse because I made the idiotic mistake of starting on meth when I started dating my bf. It’s been hard, but I’m trying to cope with it.

How are things going for you otherwise?

Quite good, actually. I’ve managed to reduce my medicine intake quite a bit :smiley:


How will you get your money back from him?

That’s great! :blush: I’m glad you’re doing better otherwise.

Is this the same guy you used to talk about before or someone else? Didn’t that guy used to take your cards too?

In any case, I’m glad you’re getting out of there.

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