So I just found out Alexa can make different “lists” for all of the different stores you shop at

And you can retrieve these lists while in Store. That’s pretty cool. However, I see no other practical use for this device. Music sounds like ■■■■ through it. Her answers are too lengthy, and often WRONG.

Why does everyone rave over this device?


Ask it what 100 is in welsh - and it will swear at you lol. Clue, C.nt. lol :smiley:

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My mom got one as a christmas gift for her work. It was fun to talk to for a day but otherwise we haven’t really used it.

I’d get rid of it, then. It’s basically a surveillance device. You can bet it’s sending personal info somewhere.


My paranoia would go through the roof if we had Alexa or Google home.


lol yeah - i sorta know what you mean. Mines given me a weather forcast out the blue when im in bed at night haha.

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Alexa, order more alexas.

Alexas, rap battle each other.


Yeah i bought mine as a fad. I rarely use my echo plus now. If i do its as a glorified alarm clock.

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