So I had a messed up encounter today

Today I’m at the gas station to get a pack of smokes and while in line someone called my name. I looked up and the guy is looking at me. He said you know who I am right? I said yeah? I didn’t have the slightest clue. It was kind of an awkward exchange. I stood there kind of dumbfounded so he just turned around and walked away. The girl behind the counter was giggling. After he walked away I felt kind of horrible for not knowing him. When I was in high school everyone new who I was. I was kinda notorious and had a bad reputation. I still felt bad for not knowing him. I’m 41 years and I don’t remember everyone I went to school with. I’ve had a couple encounters like this. I still live in the neighborhood I grew up in. It’s a big city and most people moved away from here.

Ever ran into someone and not known who they are?


I have had people recognize me and me not recognize them.

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happened to me once. I left my hometown went off to college for a couple years then moved back. anyways I was out at the local saloon one night and this lady walked up to me and was asking about how things were going. After awhile she could tell that I didn’t recognize her and she was visible hurt by it. she then tells me who she was…turns out she was one of my high school friends moms…anyways I was embarrassed and starting partying much less after that…

I felt bad but that’s who I was before my dx…I wouldn’t put much effort into getting to know people, now I at least make sure to run people’s names and faces through my brain a few times…so i’ll be better at remembering

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