You know you're losing it when

You spend time every day looking for your glasses only to discover that they are on your face. :nerd_face:


When you’re working on a group project, and you meet the people in your group again, but you think you’ve never seen these faces before and the faces you remembered were two completely different persons. So you have to ask them twice if this is really your group and then make up some lame excuse for why you had no idea who they were and then try to figure out if the people you remembered were in your group even exist at all.

This happened to me a few days ago.
It was incredibly confusing.

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Yikes that sounds very confusing!

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Yes. And very embarrassing. They had already greeted me and told me where the meeting was going to be, but I was 100% sure I knew that those weren’t the people in my group. For a moment I thought it was all some very elaborate prank.

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