So I got the job as a bakery assistant

I begin Saturday. It is a start for me I guess :slight_smile: It takes exactly two years to progress to managerial level if that’s what I want. I’m not applying my education but I just don’t feel up to anything too demanding…


Congrats 12121212

Bakery assistant was the first job I ever did. I had to wake up at 4am which wasn’t funny but on the plus side I ate lots of bread and cakes I helped make. I made some friends while I was there. I hope it goes well for you.

Great news!

I would love to work in a bakery!

Part time of full time …!!!

You the best @Diana_Ross7

Between 25 and 30 hours but maybe more. I am flexi-time…

Bakery assistant was my first job. It is so much fun, and very low-stress. My boss always let me take home day-old treats to give to my friends.

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Yum, bakery … you have the tastiest job ever

I think @Azley used to work in a bakery.

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Hey congrats! The bakery was a nice and more or less isolated work environment. Mornings just weren’t working for me.

I hope you feel well placed and the position takes to you.

Yeah congrats @Diana_Ross7! :sunny: