I actually cancelled a job interview offer today

It was for a healthy food restaurant!

But I go there now and then and they basically only have customer at lunch and dinner and so there’s nothing to do in the meantime.

I would lose my head.

Plus I have a feeling they would therefore cut my hours due to little business. Its a risk I’m not willing to take.

Argh feels weird nvt it was my first job interview offer.

Let the hunt continue


This is how they serve food and the type of food



Looks amazing yum yum

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Thanks Twialine it is not bad though they use an effing lot of oil imo. But it taste amazing and they do include a lot of wholesome food.


@anon83141956 I’m trying to eat vegaterian it’s hard though


I know what you mean. It is not easy. Best of luck. Especially as a coeliac there’s less food options even more.

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@anon83141956 yeah it sucks

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I hope you find a better fit for you. Good luck!



I pray for a good day

Where I get my dream job

As a cleaner or store assistant!

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Me too! Just practice interview questions and answers and keep applying

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Sankoooooooo :slight_smile:

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I guess it could have been a bit more experience for you, i would have loved to work in a small chilled out place like that,

The cafe i volunteered at wasn’t too busy and only 3 hrs but i loved it so much i didnt care i wasnt getting paid bc it was helping me build up my tolerances to adjust etc,

I would take a job like that if it was part time :slight_smile:

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I work as a grocery shopper. You can set your own schedule and pick the orders you want. If you can’t do anything that day, you take yourself off the schedule. You can do as much or as little as you want. All you have to do is interact with the customer over text or phone, and you shop the grocery list using an easy app on your phone. It’s low stress. I think it’s a great job.

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