So fed up of not sleeping

so little sleep from the last 3 days I feel so rubbish got awoken by my westie barking at then she ate a lot of grass today and shes off her food! that’s so unlike her and my other dog has conjunctivitis I think hes got crusty eye anyway. am so pissed off and annoyed grrr

Yeah I feel for you. Not getting sleep is a terrible feeling. I had issues last night myself. It js 1.15am here in new zealand and I am up.

thanks andypr ill sleep well tonight at least may your night be insomnia free tc

my friends are in town on winter break and my sleep schedule is way ■■■■■■ up. sleeping from 3am to 11pm. I need to go to bed really early tonight and get back on schedule.

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i give our dog a staffy-cross coconut oil just a little with her food , noticed a massive difference.
sorry you are not sleeping.
take care

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During the first several years, I only got a nights sleep, and a poor nights sleep at that, on an average of every 2 1/2 days.

Thus after several years passed by I had lost a complete years worth of nights sleep, and I looked like hell. The veins on the back of my hands had flattened out and looked like a deep purple. Veins elsewhere had also collapsed. My hair was falling out on the left side of my head.

Yep… that sucked.

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I hate that! My old meds caused me to be almost narcoleptic. I gues 800mg of seroquel will do that. I had to get ambien cr for insomnia a while back. Now thanks to xanax instead of valium I don’t need it anymore. Less meds is always best! Good luck in sleepland. I hope the sandman stops by to give u some dreams :slight_smile: