So. Are You Afraid Of The Future?

Hmm. . .

Maybe The Next Time You Find Yourself Afraid Of What’s Next, Try Thus!.

Step 1.) Set Your Energy In A Calm, Peaceful Sense Of Perception And Awareness.

Step 2.) If Your Current, And Possible Future Is Going To Be Spent Alone. Hold Patience.

Step 3.) As You Remain Alone. Enjoy A Movie, Book, Or Your Own Hobby. Be Constructive.

Step 4.) If Your Future Will Be With A Friend. Make A Plan In The Sun. A Park Or Front Porch Perhaps.

Step 5.) If Your Future Will Be In A Public Environment And You Have Troubles There, Study.

Step 6.) Gather Free Information Online About Coping Skills. For Your Personal Tribulations.

Step 7.) Do Your Best To Remain Active. And Try Not To Settle For Too Long.

If You Feel As If I Missed Anything Important With My Uneducated Steps. Feel Free To Contribute!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Freedom From The Negative Aspects Of Being Free. . . . . . .


Oh, we’re back to the future, hmm?


Good Movie I Agree.

I Have Found That One Of The Most Important Features Of Existence Is Getting Involved. . .

With Anything Really!.

Doesn’t Matter What It Is On Any Judgment Of Some Sort Of Precise Scale Of Meaning. . .

The Pure Lesson In Life Is To Discover Your True Self.

What Do You Love Really?.

What Makes You Feel With Importance And Reason?.

And If You Find Something, Let’s Say A Hobby. And Someone Tries To Bring You Down. . .

Who Cares!. It’s Your Heart, Your Enjoyment. It Doesn’t Belong To Those With Nothing. . .

The Future Is Exactly What It Says It Is, YOUR Next Page. In The Book Of Life!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. ‘Back To The Future’ Was One Of The Best Films Ever Made. Besides ‘Indiana Jones’. . . . . . .



It Shouldn’t Have To Be Said, But!, Sometimes It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry.

Life. Existence. Our Flesh & Shadow. All Of What Makes Us Tick. Within The Grace Of Time.

Is Life. And Your Life Is Yours. It Belongs To No One But You!.

No One Has The Right To Make You Lose Your Sense Of Wonder. . .

It’s A Vicious Moral Crime That Happens Everyday. I’m Almost Certain Even Right Thus Very Second.

And On And On It Goes. . .

Keep A Reminder In Your Pocket That What’s Yours Is Your’s. Your Heart Is In Your Shell!.

The Only Heart In Thus Universe That Has It’s Own Purpose And Reason. FOR YOU!.

Keep Your Wandering Mind With The Lens Of Clarity To Continue To Safely Wander.

And Dream!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. How Can You Be So Certain, With Absolute Certainty, That You Have No Meaning?. . . . . . .

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I’m afraid of the afterlife and death is the future so yes


Since Thus Forum Restricts Spiritual Spake I’ll Keep My Response As Limited As Possible.

There Is Birth. A Rebirth. Two Doors. And Karma.

Your Choices On Earth Is A Long Or Short Trip To The Great Unknown.

Underground For The Rest Of The Remaining Energy Of The Universes Existence.


A Home With No Doubt Or Fear. All Vanished In The Split Hairline Of Half A Second.

Either Way, Do What’s Best For You And Yours.

Live Peacefully.

And Hold No Grudges.

Locate Mother Natures Truth. And Learn Something New Everyday!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Dreams Are Not Jus Dreams, They Are Our Future’s Awaiting To Let You Lean. . . . . . .

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The Past . The Present . And The Future .

1.) Are You Afraid Of Your Past?. (Could It Actually Happen Exactly The Way It Did Again)?.

2.) So Where You Are Right Now. In Thus Exact Moment. (Can Be Duplicated)?.

3.) Tomorrow Has Already Happened?. (What’s To Be Scared Of, If It Doesn’t Exist)?.

~<.>~Possibly, Probably, Maybe, Could Be, One Day, I Dunno, Perhaps, It Might~<.>~

It Is True. We Spend A Great Deal Of Our Lives Worrying About The What If’s.

All While Time Swiftly Eases By. As Our Lives Wander In Sorrow. We Lose Sense Of Possibilities.

It Could Happen. Yea?. What’s The Problem?. You Could Also Win The Lottery.

It Did Happen. Yea?. All Sorts Of Things Are Happening. Right Thus Very Second. Good & Bad.

It’s Going To Happen Again. Yea?. Why Didn’t You Navigate Yourself More Safely?.

it’s True, I’m Being Harsh. Slightly Realistic. In The Sense That The Universe Can Be Cruel.

And Someone Came Up With The Idea Of Karma. I Ask, Is It Probability?.

And Everyone Else Says, You Musta Did Something Really Bad!. O.M.G.!.

Is Karma Real?. No One Actually Knows.

But!, Thus Is For Certain. What’s The Reason For Not Searching For The Promise Of Happiness?.

Instead Of Counting Every Horrific Thing You See. Continue Wandering And Look Beyond Purpose.

Not As In Saying, Purpose Is Meaningless. More So…, What’s Beyond Purpose!.

The End Of The Rainbow Perhaps. Some Guy Thought It Would Be Funny To Say The Prize Is A Pot Of Gold. As Everyone Else Daydreamed To Get Through Another Lonely Day.

Point Is, Truth. Happiness. And Love Is Real. . .

And When It Is Felt. it Always Feels More Realistic Than ANY Kind Of Pain. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Each Moment Of Breath Concluded With Love, Never Left. . . . . . .

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~<.><.><.>~THE SOUL OF ROCKS AND STONES~<.><.><.>~


The Future Is Out Of Our Hands?. Come What May?. And Never Give Up On Yourself?.

First Off, The Future Belongs To Us. The Stage Is Set, And We Make The Decisions.

Wise Or Foolish. It’s The Choices We Make For Ourselves That Decide Our Fate.


The Future Is Not Out Of Our Hands.

Now After We Have Chosen Door #1. or Door #2. We Look Ahead At The Light In The Distance.

Whether A Peaceful Beautiful Summer Day.

Or A Rage Fueled Stormy Night.

It Arrives On The Stage A Form Of Reality. Good And Or Bad. It Exist’s. And Now It’s Here.

If You Have Chosen A More Intelligent Door By Not Giving Into Hasty Separation From Commonsense.

Then it Is Safe To Say…, You Have Not Given Up On Yourself. And Fought Through The Storm.

Like The Hero That You Are!.

So. Be Modestly Proud. Pour Yourself A Healthy Drink. Take A Break. And Enjoy Nature.

Love Your Family And Friends. And Don’t Forget About Yourself!.

Life And The Balance Of Self Respect.

It Belongs To YOU!.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Who Is The Soul To Your Rocks And Stones?. . . . . . .

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To be totally honest, brutally honest,

In terms of the future

I am SORT OF afraid of the dying process.

Like by that I mean, the point at which I am declared clinically or legally dead, to the point at which I don’t sense anything anymore.

I hope to conquer my fear…? Yes I do. Even if it is simply by means of positive distraction positive focus… Or something. I don’t know yet…

I am not afraid, my future is bright.

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I’m hoping my future is good and that I have grandbabies some day. But I worry about my future health

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This artificially created hell buisness drives me insane, i haven’t done anything wrong, its just a terrible headfck. I waste a lot of thought about it.


One Has To Realize Hoping For Anything Isn’t Harmful. But!, Only Hoping Can Be. . .

We, As Human Beings In The Pyramid Of Survival Of The Fittest, Have To One Day Come To The Realization That Sometimes It Takes More Than Jus One Extremely Positive Wishful Trend Of Predictions To Experience The Dreams We Would Like To Be Apart Of. . .

There Are Positively Unique Possibilities Every Day We Rise And Set Sail Into The Great Unknown Chaos of Existence. It Doesn’t Have To Be Chaos. But!, Sometimes, In The Beginning It May Feel Extremely Chaotic. . .

Mind Over Matter Some Say. Where There’s A Will There’s A Way Other Say.

Follow Your Heart. . .

And Nothing Else. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. There Is A Dreaming Breeze Following…, Those Of Us, Who Are Still Freely Hoping. . . . . . .

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This very moment, if you are living totally,all concern for the future disappears.



You Make A Very Great Observational Point.

Please Elaborate. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

Nobody has the power to take 2 steps at once


Parallel Realities Are Jus A Hop, Skip, And A Trot Away.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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