So am pretty sure I have developed an allergy to tobacco

For the last year or so I have been vaping. Two weeks ago I had some cigarettes and the next day I had the worst headache/sinus pain.

At the time I suspected tobacco might be the culprit but dismissed it. I went back to vaping

Last night and this morning I smoked my tobacco pipe and hot damn got the exact same headache/sinus pain.

Am totally gonna give up tobacco completely and stick to vaping. I think my body knows the tobacco is to blame because I have zero urges for tobacco now which is unusual for me

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Im thinking that maybe you just got used to a lower dose of nicotine vaping? So of course when youve had a rollup its giving you a headache?

I get similar when i puff on too many hamlet cigars.

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Could well be the case mate. For now gonna stick with me trusted 88vape 6mg liquid!

Cheers again for pointing me toward 88vape. Have saved a fortune

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