How many of you vape?

I was addicted to smoking Hookah pipes (flavoured tobacco smoked through a water pipe)

I then found vaping as an alternative - currently vaping Raspberry Flavour vape juice

I vape regularly

How about you guys? Not too sure about the health effects of vaping?

Smoking helps with side effects, moderately tho.

I have a Caliburm G vape (sorry, no pics) and I vape 50mg.

I love it.


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Wow 50mg that’s seriously strong. I only vape 20mg nicotine content - would definitely like to try 50mg

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Yeah, its great, all I need is 1 pull and it feels like I smoked (like half) a cigarette.

Watch out for headaches at 50mg.

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What flavours do you smoke?

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Mint, it gives my lungs an icy feeling.


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I vape! I have a couple Smok vapes I alternate between all day. I vape 6mg nicotine juice.

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I vape 7mg unflavoured juice.

I tried vaping for about 2 weeks, but I prefer the real stuff. I know that’s not popular opinion, but I enjoy my smoking.

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I quit smoking cigarettes a year a go and switched to vaping. I don’t like fruit flavor liquids. I smoke tobacco or other flavors. I tried this one called moon sugar. Tasted like brown sugar. It was good but it irritated my lungs.

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I love vaping, so much more than smoking which I don’t particularly enjoy. I like menthol, 18mg is the highest I can get here.

I quit last year, then about three weeks ago, I bought a new vape. It broke after a couple of weeks and I used that chance to quit.

Have you heard of popcorn lung? I don’t know much about the scientific studies into harmful affects of vaping, but my experience shows I breath better when I’m off the stuff.

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