Smoking and mental health - UK


This edition of Health Matters focuses on smoking among the population of people living with a broad range of mental health conditions, ranging from low mood and common conditions such as depression and anxiety, to more severe conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


Poor mental health: linked with other risk factors, such as smoking, physical health conditions, drug use or alcohol misuse, poor mental health refers to thoughts, emotions or behaviours that we often perceive as signs of a possible mental health problem, which can range from common to severe conditions

Long-term mental health condition: similar to severe mental health conditions, but often including severe anxiety and depression

Severe mental health condition: also referred to as severe mental illness, it covers a range of needs and diagnoses, including but not limited to:

  • psychosis
  • bipolar disorder
  • ‘personality disorder’ diagnosis
  • eating disorders
  • severe depression
  • mental health rehabilitation needs - some of which may be co-existing with other conditions such as frailty, cognitive impairment, neurodevelopmental conditions or substance use

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Great article - Thanks for posting.
Gone are the days when most of the mh patients used to congregate in the smoking room all day long on the Psych Ward lol.

When I first got admitted at 17 in 2004 the mental hospital had an indoor smoking room with a tv and nice chairs.

Now they banned smoking.

I can’t imagine being an inpatient these days and not being able to smoke

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I quite agree. Tho ive found if your agitated in the ER , some nurse will usually accompany you out the back of the hospital for a sneaky cig - even tho the NHS has banned it on all the grounds.