Slipping into a fantasy world

I prefer to dream than deal with my situation. It would be ideal that I could confront my reality. But with nothing happening at the moment, its easier to sleep the days away.


those who confront their illness
are they better than you ??
just take your meds … you will be better dont imagine this illness as big Monster
it is not at all
good luck
believe me!

i think there good idea to …
for example you can make topic about your unusual beliefs and hallucination
and delusions you believe in …and see if there is anyone will have similar beliefs like you ??
you believe in these things ?? why is that ?? why no one believe you in these things ?
this question amaze me really !!!
when i suffer of symptoms came here and try to convince ppl that these things are real
and i have real ppl

you cn also discuss your meds and know more about them …

you can talk about anytopic

like this topic here!!!

believe this illness is nothing

just make you support ppl around you and go forward in life

the thing thats for sure you will need that you need support so much while having this illness

i suggest you read books alot and self help books …

and listen to music and love it i have so many many songs on my devises

i think you should love to be awake not sleep

thank you


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