Slipped briefly off the tobacco wagon

My folks got me some tobacco which I was going to gift to my neighbour. She has mental health problems and very little money. I opened one of the packets and had a couple of cigarettes though.

Tbh they were ok but nothing special. Don’t feel like I am a failure as I have little inclination to keep doing it. Will give my neighbour the tobacco tomorrow.


I’m sorry you had a setback. The important thing is to get back on the horse! Why would your folks give you tobacco? Don’t they know you quit?


Oh they went on holiday and got it duty free. They gave it to me with the intention that I gift it to my neighbour. I was intended to be a middleman but I dipped into it.


Hey, man. How are you today? Did you give the rest of the cigarettes to your neighbor?

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Sure did buddy!first thing went round!

Woo hoo!!! Go you :tada::tada::tada::tada:

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