Sleepy with Olanzapine

What supplements or method can I do if I feel sleepy with Olanzapine?I take it every night and I go to work feeling sleepy the next morning

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Coffee is probably your friend. I take it early every night because I like getting up early…it works pretty quick but I use the wafer so it’s probably absorbed quickly.

Simple caffeine is a decent stimulant. It keeps the western world going and it’s relatively safe.

Always pays to take the meds same time every night. You get into a cycle that you can understand quickly!


Vitamin D is really helpful.

Coffee. And lots of it. Used to be on Olanzapine years ago so i know it can knock you out till next day. Kinda miss the good sleeps i had on the stuff tho. But Caffiene is your friend. That stuff was lovely for me - kinda wish i was back on it!!