Taking meds makes you wanna sleep more?

I sleep a solid 8-9 hours a day and still couldn’t wake up naturally but need alarm.I take Olanzapine at night plus low dose of melatonin.I remember when I am doing this,sleeping 10 hours or more makes me feel well rested.Now I can only afford 9 hrs @ most,but when I wake up I still feel sleepy

Maybe drink coffee? It works for me.

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Yea coffee taste really good,especially with milk,cream.When I wake up I had to hurry and go to work because I am always nearly late for work.When I reached workplace,there is a cafe that sell cold coffee,would probably ask for coffee which is not hot but not too cold either.Coffee do work I admit


If you have a coffeemaker get it ready the night before and just hit the button.

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