Sleep schedule?

  • Do you have the same sleep schedule with minor variations
  • Do you have a sleep schedule that sometimes slips but are able to get back on
  • Do you have an unconventional sleep cycle e.g. odd sleep hours but consistency
  • Do you go through different sleep cycles which are lasting (period of staying up at night then switching to day for a while)
  • Do you find it hard to maintain a routine of sleep and kinda loose control of any schedule

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Everyday i sleep at the same time,
wake up at the same time


Damn I didn’t post that. That’s kinda what I meant by minor variation. Maybe at tops an hour difference or maybe sleeping in an hour on the weekend.

I am going through cyles, sometimes night sometimes day, i don’t know the reason why. I don’t work and have no obligations or commitment or responsibilities. I am on a disability pension.

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Yeah I was curious what other people do as far as sleep. I just woke up at 6:00pm. My plan is to stay up most the night and take a nap then stay up the rest of the day to get back on track. I feel guilty about getting up so late even though I stayed up till early morning it sucks.

Thanks for voting. I was curious about other peoples sleep schedules. Kinda wanted to know what is the most regular type. Thanks

That’s good. I never fall asleep or wake up at regular times. It’s almost impossible for me to have a consistent sleep pattern.

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I go to bed every night at 8 pm and set my alarm to get up at 5:30 am so I can make it to the swimming pool by 6. Even tho the bedtime is always 8, sometimes my mind won’t shut down for a few hours while I’m laying there. The clozapine makes me want to sleep for 12 hours, so it’s really hard to get up, but I’m determined to keep this exercise schedule going to help me lose weight.

my sleep pattern is a mess, sleep too much, insomnia, have had a really hard time getting into a good routine for several years now, I currently pulling an all nighter

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