Sleep pattern backwards/lonely

hey guys i havent been very active on here although still posting some here and there.

i just got my injection and the past couple weeks have been rough. my sleep pattern has been backwards (which im hoping gets back on track now that i got my shot) and i have been alone at my place without anyone to talk to all nights. the time in between during normal hours i get to talk a little bit to parents but mostly thru text. i can visit them whenever i want but all they do is watch tv and i dont even have a tv at my place i dont like to watch tv.
here lately because of social media i have been seeing a lot of people getting in relationships and getting married and it can actually be kinda depressing seeing healthy people so happy and have someone in their life. i got out of a 6 month relationship 6 months ago. and i would like someone who cares about me in my life besides my parents lol. im starting to feel like since im a homebody and dont get out very much that i will have a very difficult time finding a girlfriend. however with my ex it was my best friend who hooked me up when i lived out of town but here in town everyone doesnt really think much of me and i know in my gut that noone will want to introduce me to anyone special here. and thus brings on feelings of being alone for the rest of my life.

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Maybe finding a friend works better for you than searching for a fiance,

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yea youre probably right. during the nights im alone i have been playing alot of world of warcraft so maybe i will try to make friends with people on there so i can enjoy the game more.


Making friends with Warcraft players is a great idea :slight_smile:

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