Sleep was the issue

One day of lack of sleep and this happened :confused: I been texting all my exes or at least ppl I know

Oh geez. :fearful:

Dunno what got over me. Everything falling apart

You seem really fixated on relationships. Have you thought of trying to be independent for a while? Really focus on yourself?


I’ve been single for 31 years. Is it wrong to have wanted companionship. I do crave it

It’s just that every post of yours I see is about chasing some guy that doesn’t end well. I’m not even sure of anything else about your life. I do hope you find someone someday but I hope you haven’t made it your life’s purpose.

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It’s true I don’t even know if coming of the antipsychotic is that much of a great idea anymore. Might make things worse

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Do you think the fixation could be psychosis returning

I’m no doctor but it would seem more like mania.