Skoove anybody?

I have been using ‘Simplypiano’ to learn piano from scratch.

I have progressed relatively well on the app with an hours practice a day. I find the app pretty easy ti use because it is so simple and basic, which is also its downfall.

I can play a lot of tunes after 5 months, but I haven’t memorised any. I play the notes but also have not learnt them by heart in order to read music at all which is another pitfall with the app.

I played ‘Like a rolling stone’ today and I grasped it after 30 minutes. I need to practice it a bit to play it full speed and well. It seems like the app passes me to the next tune quite easily. Too easily in fact.

Has anyone used the more expensive app ‘Skoove’? Or better still has used both simply piano and skoove and could give me their evaluation of them?

Although I have started from scratch and am playing tunes quite easily in 5 months, music theory hasn’t been addressed at all in ‘simplypiano’. I am looking for a little more for my money than that. Does skoove offer that for its extra cost?

Thanks for any assistance in this matter. :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of this app but it sounds really cool!

I’m more of a guitar player but I always thought it would be fun to learn piano/keyboard.

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