Sixth person dies from vaping-linked lung disease

I hope they get to the bottom of what’s going on soon :astonished:


I had a chat with my vape salesman and he said people are making their own juices with weed etc.

I wanna quit either way but I enjoy it a lot.


It probably has something to do with the fact that, when you vape, you’re inhaling fruit water laced with chemicals. That shít’s not meant to go into your lungs.


I’m sorry but vaping is not safe.


Yeah wave I’m just waiting for them to make it illegal.

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I’ve been looking into it and the majority aren’t using properly formulated products, but homebrew THC and CBD juices. They’re also using them to excess.


Yeah, I’ve heard it’s all because they’re not legit juices. People buying sketchy juice online for cheap and such.

You’re not gonna find a bargain on THC or CBD online, that’s for sure.

Still safer than cigarettes. 480,000 people die a year from cigarette smokes, that’s about 1300 per day. 41,000 of those deaths are from second hand smoke.

I’m not trying to minimize those 6 lives lost, my heart breaks for them, but statistically speaking you have a far greater chance of dying from smoking than from vaping, and I do think of vaping as a good quit smoking tool.

Of course I could be eating major crow if it turns out that vaping is just as bad as cigarettes. That’s okay though, it’s the devil you know, and right now we do know that cigarettes will seriously mess you up in many different ways. From heart disease to cancer to diabetes and to bronchitis and emphysema.

My advice to everyone, don’t put crap in your lungs that doesnt belong. I do say medicine belongs if its doctor prescribed.


in europe there is not any deaths from vaping …isnt that strange or what.

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Yes people die eating to much junk food( obesity, heart disease, cancer) Its everybodies own responsibility. Nothing is harmful in moderation. Similiar with gambling and other addiction. Making stuff illegal is not a solution. I think education is the key. I don’t inject drugs in my arm cause I know it’s not healthy. When somebody takes the risk its their problem. Drinking to much water is not healthy either, but we don’t make water illegal.

I agree with @Dunno3x.
Information is the key, rather than prohibition.
Make information on proper usage and what to avoid more available.

Lots of people use those vapes that let out as much capour as a steam engine, and they also mix the juices with other ratios of various things than you can get at the stores. I doubt regular pen vapes with store-bought juice do much harm.
People also need info on how much nicotine is appropriate. 18mg is the max here, but I have an american friend who has some e-juice with 60mg, that’s way too high and can be really damaging

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