Single protein on-off switch controls learning flexibility


That’s good.
Thank you for posting, @twinklestars .

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Really good post. I’d read about some related stuff a while back. I purchased the article last night, but I’m such a computer donk it took a while to figure out how to get it to PDF. Thanks for posting.

@ArchStanton You’re violating copyright laws when you upload scientific articles here. It’s not worth the risk.

Dude! you can’t delete my last post because I disagreed with your opinion.You’re out of control.

@ArchStanton Scientific articles are protected by copyright laws. We do not have the time to make individual decisions or research this in great depth. With a short Google search I did not find info saying that either uploading it or sharing it to anyone who asks for it is legal. I’ve now spent enough time on this. If you have a clear, reliable source that says this is completely legal, send it to me. Otherwise, please refrain from sharing copyrighted material. You could get yourself and this site in trouble. And no, this isn’t out of control.

PM me if you want to continue this. I will remove any further posts about this matter since you’re derailing the thread and arguing about moderator decisions.