Discovery on how the brain regulates the development of new neurons


How can it be that no one is interested in the news section?

Don’t people want to get cured?

People are busy living their lives, I suppose.


There’s gonna be some news on MIN 101 next week.

Company updates and such. Maybe an idea of when phase 3 will commence.

Cool. Next year or two will be great for us SZ.

Too bad about encenicline. I thought that medicine would come out.

It’s possible that biomarkers will be developed that will show who it would be useful for.

When meds fail in phase 3 it’s probably not that they don’t work, but that there is only a specific subset of patients they work for. Identifying who will be a big help.

@twinklestars I would argue that what would be truly welcome is a cure,
a cure that gives us our lives and fixes what is wrong,
including the direct symptoms of schizophrenia and its associated problems like sleep problems.
This will really open the door to an altogether more splendid life, for tens of millions of people!

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Yes, that will be wonderful.

I think good things are coming. But it’ll be awhile. We’ll have to make do with what there is for a good time yet to come.