Single people here?

do you have intrusive thoughts
you should marry whatever happen in life
you in very need to a partner
you need to love and be loved and things like that

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I am single. I was married 20 years ago in America. I have not found a soulmate yet. Maybe some day ???


Single here - been burnt too often. Im better off on my own. Lifes simpler and easier to deal with. Not that i might necassarily say no if someone cropped up - but i aint going looking for it.


I’m with you, I was married 15 years ago. I will never get married again. I like being single, nobody to tell me what I should do.


I had these thoughts when I was a teenager, then I found the works of Jerome and the ascetics that pointed out the irrationality of love, the hardships of relationships, the extra freedom and free time you have when you are single and so I realized that there was no reason to feel ‘forced’ to marry or to feel bad about being single.


I can disclose that I’m impotent, so that settles that.
No marriage and no children for me.
I am at peace with being single.


I’m divorced. It would be fine to find someone new, but not necessary.


Im single and I cannot meet a girl cause of negative symptoms I wanna have a sexlife but its hard to actively seek out a girl to have sex with I just cannot be ■■■■■■■

There are other ways to please a woman. :wink:

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No sex drive passes caring

I would love to have a gothic wedding one day but I’m single and I’m well and stable and content being single.

I miss my x in sa and dogs and life there but am embracing my new life here and appreciating it aswell.

My x in sa doesn’t want me back :open_mouth:.

My last x was best sex and rather funny n charming but a pretty bad man love him but not as much as x in sa.

I am more picky in my old age I think.

Rather not have anyone with too much drama and young kids etc

I want a stable guy.

Never had a girlfriend but have been attracted to women sexually but think I rather have a love wand ha ha ha ha

I don’t have intrusive thoughts about marriage.

I used to have voices and delusions that someone was going to get paid if they married me .a actor would get paid to pretend they love me.
It was painful and other things involved too.

Celibacy is not a problem for me.
Currently, I try to date on Tinder, but I don’t expect anything in particular.


I’m married but most likely heading for divorce so I’ll be single by middle of next year probably. Looking forward to the freedom - my marriage has been really suffocating


Wow :hushed:. I was under the impression that you have an imperfect yet decent marriage. I know you love your husband. Sorry :frowning: you’re going through this.


Dont ban me , but ive always had a soft spot for you @Loke lol.

You make me smile - and i always connect with your comments.

If we were closer i would buy you dinner!!! :smiley:



I think you’re a great guy, and @loke would be such a breath of fresh air, right? You’re both wonderful people!


I love being single, im happy.

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I’m on the next plane to England :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Haha :laughing:. As long as it’s beans and toast.


Bless you x :smiley:

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Steak and Fries for you my love lol haha

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