Simulated car driving and its association with cognitive abilities in patients with schizophrenia


Posit Science of BrainHQ have a brain training program specifically for driving abilities. The exercises in Drivesharp are also available in the BrainHQ suite of games.

Drivesharp promo video - 2 minute clip

Yeah i guess I’m slow :x

Rubbish. I’ve done high reach trucks ( forklifts ) as well as driving a car to a high standard. It’s about experience and practice which is more important than diagnosis.

I’d say this study hits up people who aren’t driving for a living. I drove for a living in two separate industries and I’m a conservative driver. I drive responsibly and defensively and touch wood haven’t had too many accidents.

It’s a computer game. It’s not real driving and that is a totally different beast!

I don’t have the concentration to drive. I’d just cause an accident.