Simple Schizophrenic Logo

This is still a work in progress, but I think I’m on to something. Please give me your thoughts on how to improve it.

From The Matrix Movie-

The red ‘S’ symbolizes the red pill (reality, knowledge, freedom)

The blue ‘Z’ symbolizes the blue pill (false, drugged illusion)

I just need something more in the Logo which would show the struggle between the Red and the Blue realities us schizophrenics face.

@cherie? Any thoughts of how to improve this rough draft?

Any of you have any ideas as well? Please share them with me.




Perhaps a ‘shattered glass’ overlay on the Sz Logo would work?

How about the “S” from Superman, and the “Z” from Zorro? Both in psychedelic colors?
:wink: I’m just kidding…

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Seriously @Patrick? After all the problems you have when you go off the meds, you’re still painting the no meds (“red pill”) option in a positive light?

Did you forget that just yesterday, you seemed to have finally gained some insight and posted the following.



The coloured Logo simply illustrates the battle between truth and fiction that goes on in our schizophrenic brains. (at least mine anyways).

@Patrick you’re equating taking meds with “false, drugged illusion” and not taking meds with “reality, knowledge, freedom”.

Yet your latest no meds experiment landed you in the ER and likely caused your family a lot of stress. I really don’t understand you Patrick. You have a wife and kids that need you to be healthy. Stop messing around.

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I know. When I take the Red Pill…I go crazy. But that IS my true reality. I’m bonkers! The ‘real me’ is nuts!..although creative and alive.

The false me is boring and unambitious yet sane.

And that’s the battle I’ve always faced…hence the Logo design I came up with.

When I’m nuts, I’m not perceiving truth. I’m at the mercy of the bizarre stories my mind spins, which have limited truth value. The red pill/blue pill analogy doesn’t work for me.


i like the potato option… red pill blue pill is a kinda over used reference… can we make a potato out of pistachios having an eye lazer battle with cathulu? while the great spaghetti lord eats itself…


A cat with 6 legs eating alphabet cake in 5D man



I finally figured it out… @Patrick is a troll and never was on meds to begin with…he is here to wreck this site !!


jukebox… that is hilariously funny… 31 popcorn cannon salute for you and popcorn for all…

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I have lot of weight and sexual dysfunction at medicine.but i m really normal person.i can communicate well work without problem.without medicine i can sex once a month(maybe) and stay at bad 7/24 like catatonic thanks i want to be really happy fat hermit

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How about we make a entangle drawing which relates to the SZ? Like this intertwined into two letters?
What do you think?


I think I just stumbled on something…

Look at the letter ‘S’ in my Logo now. It looks like either a Swan or a Snake!! It symbolizes the two sides of this affliction.

The Swan symbolizes grace and beauty on many levels. It is associated with love, music, and poetry.

Snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

Eh? HUH??