"Simple" schizophrenia

To sum up in a few sentences I’ve been struggling with things possibly related to schizophrenia for approx 15ish years, been diagnosed just treatment resistant depression, also saw a psychologist more recently and was told schizoid personality disorder. My mother had pretty severe paranoid schizophrenia and was institutionalized for a while, but in reading stuff online I came across the description of “simple schizophrenia” or “schizophrenia simplex” which isn’t considered a diagnosis here in the US but is still in the EU, and based on the description here

it seems to match the best, especially about the slow decline.

I have never had any positive symptoms like my mother, but the negatives are pretty severe. Reason I don’t think it’s just severe resistant depression is that my mood isn’t really affected, I don’t feel sad, I don’t feel guilt like described for depression, I just have extreme near total apathy, lack of motivation for anything, indifference to most anything, no pleasure in anything - things I enjoyed and loved 10 years ago I just have no response to, and just feel very dull, flat, and empty, I feel like my thoughts have become muted and indistinct, it’s something that started in my early teens and slowly got worse over the years and at this point it’s hard to even pull enough out of myself to care about that condition that I’m in and try to get better.

Anyone been given this diagnosis, or even just have mainly negative symptoms? Anyone who has actually improved those kinds of symptoms to any significant extent, medication or otherwise?


i had severe chronic suicidal depression as well as sz… blah… blah… blah…!?!
but recently 9 months ago the depression went away…
it was linked to my ptsd.
i do cbt…
no meds
take supplements
seek contentment in small things
good support person
stable environment…etc…
i feel for you…but your life can improve…but you have to work towards it…you have to put the ’ effort ’ in, which is not easy.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:


I have Negative symptoms. But sometimes they go away.

Mainly ,
lack of motivation
Everything seems pointless at times
Restricted effect or blunted (monotone) this has improved recently.

What helps .


Musical instrument playing and learning (metal guitar and also piano)
took these up in the winter and it helps me express myself it’s a big help.

Having a close friend to chat with occasionaly.

Mountain biking (good exercise,clears my mind, and enjoyable)

Having creative outlets to express yourself whether you feel good bad or nothing could help.

I don’t take meds so I know it is not med related.

This does NOT sound like a cognitive (“thinking-induced”) depression, but only based on what you wrote. Sounds more like chronic autonomic dive into relentless parasympathetic pitch that is characteristic of classic, negative symptom sz.

I’m going with Sarcosine and Abilify here unless or until I hear something different. And I would suggest follow-up appointments at two weeks, four weeks and eight weeks.

BUT… have you been on anti-depressants? Did they do anything at all?

Have you been properly assessed by a board certified psychopharmacologist? Have you read this book?

I would advise caution with cheesy stimulants like caffeine or taurine, let alone cocaine or amphetamine, as they will all make parasympathetic “dive” far worse in the long run.

I have pretty bad negative symptoms. And only the really sedating antipsychotics seem to work well on me. I tried Abilify and it was complete torture because of the akathisia, also I think it actually made me worse. And escitalopram made me psychotic so I’m not going to try any more ADs.

I’ve managed to go from barely doing anything all day to doing what is probably enough to keep myself and own place clean with just a little help from others (I don’t know because I’m currently living with my ex who’s overworked). The way I’ve done this is by pushing myself continually to do better and by writing lists of what to do when and things I need to remember. If I forget to write these lists I go back to doing nothing because I can’t remember what to do and without the list telling me to do it it’s very hard to get motivated. So the lists work as reminders that I need to function well. It took me some time to build up tolerance for doing chores and I’m still working on that part of it and hoping I will continue to improve.


I’ve taken a number of antidepressants (prozac, cymbalta, zoloft, wellbutrin, effexor, remeron) without any effect. The only one that seemed to do anything at all other than minor side effects is Wellbutrin, and it was a very minimal difference.

Interesting that you mentioned Abilify because I’ve taken it before, it was the only psychiatric med that ever significantly helped me, but it was only effective for around 6 weeks, and then stopped helping at all. Tried it at doses from 2.5mg all the way up to 20 at the end before giving up on it. I’ll have to check out sarcosine.

There’s nothing simple about schizophrenia.

I also have simple schizophrenia this is the worst schizophrenia ever with the worst prognosis I am like dead only lie down 24/7 nonstop and nothing else and nothing help unspeakable hell but people isnt there anyone else with simple schizophrenia ?Nobody? In the whole forum and in the whole world only are we me and xythr only 2people with this diagnosis ?Are we Am i alone in this hell ?Anybody else?!?Xythr do you sleep lie down 24 ours like me ? Maby your symptoms are not that bad like mine I think my simptoms are the worst in the planet,can not be more bad! So am I alone? Am I the only one with the worst symptoms on the planet? Is there some chance something to help with negative symptoms maby some antidepressants please tell me that there is a chance to get better because this is not life this is hell on the earth!
Xythr How wellbutrin and abilify helped you and after how many days you notice effect on you? How long wellbutrin helped you and why you stop take it ? I tried abilify from 2.5 to 7.5mg 1mounth and it didn’t help at all maby I have to try again bigger doses

I also have simple schizophrenia and after a year of treatment negative symptom still there , dose any one got passed from this schizophrenia ? and how long it takes?

I was diagnosed with Simple Schizophrenia… I don’t know if they still use that term. I have had all the symptoms that were mentioned including onset during childhood.

i am also haveing the symptoms since childhood, pop ,what medecin do you take ? and how long you been taking it ? and does negative symptoms disappear with you?

Maybe I have simple schizophrenia (my pdoc is still diagnosing me, but he says it’s between undifferentiated schizophrenia or simple schizophrenia). I had a collapse and, after 2 years, I still have negative symptoms.

I’m pretty much in the exact same boat. My mom was also a Paranoid sz. I’ve had pretty severe versions all of the negative symptoms since I was a little kid. Avolition, Flat Effect, Alogia, Thought Blocking, Social Withdrawal, Anhedonia, Lethargy, Poor Hygiene, I’ve absolutely hated showering since I was at least 5 years old. No Hallucinations, Delusions, Paranoia, Racing Thoughts, Disorganized Speech etc.

I thought for a long time I just had Schizoid Personality Disorder but the kicker for me here that leads me to believe it’s simple schizophrenia rather than spd is the Alogia, that’s not really a spd trait.

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You are not alone, me too!! :raising_hand_woman:

I think maybe you and me are in the same case, I’m not sure if I have simple or dissorganized, but both have the worst prognosis, are treatment resistant and have mainly negative symptoms. I have severe cognitive symptoms aswell.

I just start with Sarcosine two days ago.

I hope new meds come fast, if you need something I’m here!

O me too want new drugd but it is so slowly process 10 years for new drug we cant wait in misery si long time We want to Feel and lLve Good Now so I want to try Stimulants I believe they can help And. You are perfectly right you can Help Me Please if you are from America buy Ritalin and Adderal Or some other Amfetamin Stimulant I am prity shure that if one can not take from dr can take from street so please buy for me and send me ofcours I will pay the dtugs and can also pay for the faver and I Will Be Very Greatfull!!!

Do you writte it for me ?
Stimulants aren’t so good for long term… And it build tolerance… Furthermore are so expensives.

Hi, here in EU no longer exist the diagnosis neither. How are yoy doing ??

I also have simple schizophrenia even if my psychiatrist doesn’t tell me. I have hallucination once and made a pathological travel (french appelation)

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Hi. I have simple sch symptoms but I’m not sure if I have exactly this, I also have other suppositions what it can be. My symptoms are, like in other cases: lack of any emotions (positive and negative), not caring about anything (even illnesses of relatives - but I want to care about these things a lot, I want to feel caring about it), impaired thinking, impaired intelligence, creativity and imagination (all of this makes functioning with other people very hard, it’s impossible to talk normally with them, just very simple stupid conversation without saying what I really want to say), functioning and making tasks like robot. But I also have additional symptom - I can’t observe things. I look at them and I can’t observe them. Generally I can’t focus on things. I can’t even focus on tasting food like it was before. Additionally, few days ago I started feeling anger about simple things, many times a day. It would be good because anger is emotion but in this case it’s not real anger like it was before, it’s weird uncomfortable feeling. Is here still someone with simple sch or with some of its symptoms? If yes, we can chat together. Having similar issues talking with each other is not such embarrassment :slight_smile:

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