Simian line - palms

Here are my palms - notice the hand on the left has one dominant line straight across - this is common in many chromosomal syndromes AND ALSO IN PEOPLE WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA on either one or both palms.

Anyone here with this line?

Can’t post a picture of my palms but on my left palm there is a line that goes across but is slanted downwards. It seems to be slightly forked at one point.

Normal hand has 2 lines - one starts about an inch below index finger and slants downward and often forks at the end - this is the head line - the other line starts about an inch below the little finger and often slants upwards - this is the heart line. A simian line shows only one line straight across the palm. It’s not common but there’s a higher incidence with schizophrenia sufferers, and also people with chromosomal syndromes. People with Downes Syndrome have it often.

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