Physical appearance

What Ive noticed with my uncle that has schizophrenia. Myself( even though I’m not diagnosed yet but I feel I’m in the acute/prodromal phase) and most other schizophrenics is that their eyes are sort of spread apart. For example, the right eye is more open and spread to the edge of the face and left eye is closer to the nose and not as open. I’ve noticed this in several pictures and I’ve read a few things about facial abnormalities in schizophrenia. All I know is it really annoys me when I take pictures

far to ture

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It’s far from universal. FAR from universal. It’s just another upshot of particular genetic combinations that may produce sz in some people. Click on table 1.

If you think I haven’t read these and a lot more, you’d be… well, you know. What I am saying is that while there are parallels if the “right” (or “wrong”) genetics are in place, one can find an awful lot of people who have facial abnormalities who are not sz. Moreover, if we got passport- or drivers license-quality photos of everyone on this forum who is dxd sz per se, I am willing to lay out a Jackson that the incidence of facial abnormalities will be very little – if at all – higher than for the population in general.

(You’d have to see as much “bad science” as one does in grad school to understand this perhaps.)

I have no doubt you have read quite a lot ,as have I, but my post was not directed just at you. I think the facial abnormalities can be very subtle and not easily discernible . I think it is very hard to find something that falls exclusively those diagnosed with schizophrenia and often it’s down to how much and how often rather than people with schizophrenia do and those without don’t.

As well as laying on the same chromosomes and on in the same alleles as the pre-disposing genes for sz? Yeah; that’s pretty likely true.