Silver Linings Playbook.... and jealousy

I recently watched the Silver Linings Playbook which is supposed to be a story about a man who is bipolar. He didn’t seem very ill to me, and he wasn’t taking medication. It’s more of a romantic comedy. Anyway, in it I noticed an actress who I had previously acted with in industrial videos. Her name is Brea Bee and she played Nikki. So she has a successful acting career, and I have schizophrenia. It doesn’t seem fair.

Have any of you seen the movie? What did you think of it?

it was entertaining…not that informative of mental illnesses but ok about it

I have schizophrenia but I also suffer from significant bipolar symptoms, so I know a little about bipolar.
I liked the movie because it had a positive ending. I thought the fighting scene between the main character and his father - Robert Deniro was pretty spot on. I think the female star ( I forgot her name) to be attractive but over rated as an actress.

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i know someone who is an actress who has been trying to crack the industry for twenty years and she is more than a triple threat, she now teaches in L.A . so don’t be to hard on your self it is a tough industry to get in to and get noticed. ( in cultural australia the only chance actors have are soapies ! )
then saying that another person i know is a famous english actress who with out being harsh slept her way to the top .
take care

This movie deals with mental illness better. :sunny:

Angel Baby is a 1997 australian movie about a schizophrenic couple. It is spot on and I dont wanna spoil it, and it is by far the best schizo movie I have seen

Is the movie better than the Beautiful Mind?

yes. way better. A Beautiful Mind was historically inaccurate, not what really happened to john nash.

I liked the movie but i’m not bipolar so i couldn’t really identify as much. just remember everyone has problems even without schizophrenia. :slight_smile:

I don’t watch very much in life. I read a lot though. I don’t know any actresses or anyone famous. I am content.

I’m sorry your having a passing jealous moment. I bet seeing her in the film can be irritating.

I like to think I’m doing OK. I’m just too glad to be alive and functional and living out of my head, and doing everything that I’m doing, I don’t really care what other people are doing. Sort of conceited I’m sure… that might not be healthy. But it’s just how it is right now… I’m pretty content with myself.

Thank you all for your kind responses, and for the good movie recommendations too.

I watched Silver Linings and didn’t realize he had bipolar.

I watched Angel Baby. I thought it was accurate from an outside point of view.

I also also watched Donnie Darko and Take Shelter. Donnie Darko may be triggering…