Silly personality test

This pathology test tells you which Winnie the Pooh character you’re most like, and their corresponding mental illness. I had fun with it! Maybe you will too!


Surprised on the autism score. Not really on the rest

Ps Fun quiz

The results are in! I’m a nervous wreck. :smile:,90,50,63,80,53,67&l=EN&mobile=1

I dont know how to post mine. I have mostly Pooh (97%). Pooh, Piglet and Roo (add anxiety autism) were high. Christopher (schizophrenia) low, interestingly.

hell yeah, maybe i am cured lol


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Tied with 77% on Christopher Robin and Rabbit

I had 97% attention deficit disorder and nearly 100% ohd. I am a cross between tiger and rabbit. The rest were appr. 70%.

I scored high on Piglet (Anxiety)

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