Signed up for swimming again

Before Covid I was swimming for about a year

Used to swim 600m 4x a week

I am not a good weight, but I hope that this will go some way by getting regular exercise

Social Services tried to get primary care to refer me, but they referred me twice to 2 separate places that did not have pools

Work had a scheme I could sign up to at a pretty good discount - and I am happy with it

Not really a great time to add expenses, however I think this is important

Will be aiming to at least get rid of the weight around my stomach, and be more healthy

Hoping to offset the costs by cutting out sugary food and take aways


My mom has hounded me to swim laps for years.

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Good luck with the swimming joker.

I need to get back into some form of exercise myself. I have a lot of weight to lose also.

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Yeah good work getting back into it. More and more I read on exercise the better it is for your mental health. Meanwhile it was surprising for me how much weight I lost simply declining take aways and eating from home. Low fat. No sugar…

I had to get a bit more serious after that but simply adding decent regular exercise and giving up takeaways will do wonders. Sugar will too.

Good luck matey.


That’s great news. I hope you enjoy the swimming and the therapeutic effect of water.

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I love swimming. But I only have the motivation for dat if its down my road.

Good for you thou! This will maybe make u feel better.

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Yeah you inspire me, im gonna start up again too. I was waiting around for a good time to start, but now knowing your starting inspires me to too!

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