Signals of not

Inside my head, non stop balls rolling, like all of the world was at once, packed in side to side and back to front–I remain calm while inside a storm that comes from many angles, always free form cluster bombed by the sight of the light when each light has gotten much too bright, it just might cause a fright for those right by your side if they saw you collide with your pride, open wide try to hide make some sense of this fence with its gate wide open, no wait its closed, but there’s a hole in it, Its broken–each side frozen in a way, makes no sense, nobody had spoken, or even chosen, to be so open, that it all roped in to stake a claim that was open to take, no revisions, not allowing mistakes, althewhile stepping on the brakes–and the throttle–squeezing down through the neck of a bottle, nothing gets through yet screams in retort, “I’m alive, I’m inside” but I have to resort–to comparisons of the Oort, just so much all at once like static fingers tasting the crunch, like its brunch, done once in a month…


I dig it. I understand more than I wish I did.

Neurotypicals read my writings and have no clue what is being presented. Im glad(not so glad) you understood it. I figured this is the best place for me to show my insides. Ive posted a few others if you wanna check them out

I remember being normal, I’m my head observing outwardly with only good things within my head very well structured nothing but myself inside.

There is a world inside my head sometimes lol

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This is possibly one of the most badass poems I’ve ever read. Thanks… I can identify.

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Thank you. Im glad it finds others.