Llama rant. TW

Souls tired today. Wondering if I’ll remember, I want too, regardless of being half way done with this.

Having to differentiate between the the real world and illusions.

“Prophet” they call out to me, close, zero point next to me, but a realm apart. They keep a close eye on me, protect me. In a way I’m thankful for them, love them, but I don’t know.

Wondering how much of consciousness is intermingled with the soul, like I said, remembering is a problem.

When the mortal brain dies, so goes all of the memories, it’s those things imprinted onto your soul that you get to take with you. An illusion and a lesson. I wonder how much I will get to keep.

Same old fables of being eternal, infinite, whole with all. Flashes of memories, feeling uncomfortable in a flesh prison. Feeling bound, restricted, mortal.

Angels who commit an unforgivable sin are punished by living one life. I wonder what my sin was, why I fell.

It’s always like waking up from a dream, feeling that energy, it’s pure and warm. How many times have I forgotten this dream when I wake up?

Entropic and timelessness, just waiting now.

I tell my self it’s not all true, but that rarely helps, it’s the questions that come up.

Grandiose and self stroking. Let it go llama, try to believe.

:llama: :v:


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