Sick family

My grandfather has just been put on hospice. He has liver cancer. They can’t do surgery, and the treatment they tried was unsuccessful. He was put on hospice last night. My grandma says that he is no longer in his right mind. It is so sad. I don’t know what she’ll do without him.

My dad had shoulder surgery yesterday. I don’t understand what exactly happened, but he tore muscles off in both of his shoulders. He could only have one operated on at a time, though. He will be in a brace for at least 12 weeks. He lives alone, and no one is there to help him. I’ve been calling churches to see if one might be able to get members of the congregation to bring him meals. I’m hopeful that I will find someone. If his surgery doesn’t work, the only other option available is shoulder replacement. I didn’t even realize they could do that.

So that’s what’s going on. I wish I lived in the same state, at least, so I could help.

Im sorry to hear that. Hope everyone will manage ok. Sending my love

Hope you guys can pull out of this rough spot.

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